Through my business consulting services I try to improve the results of companies, whatever their sector and whatever their size, as well as the number of employees.

To this end, I offer companies my services in training and conferences, family business, business optimisation and investor search.

Each of these services focuses on a specific solution, if you do not know which one is ideal for your business, contact me and we will find the ideal solution for your business.

Business optimisation
Family business
Financial management
Training and conferences
Investor search
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Business optimisation

I help managers to improve their results through strategic planning. By results we mean not only financial results, but also those other variables that are important to measure management.

Our purpose is to help them understand their external and internal reality, discover new opportunities, build their own business model and design their strategy, action plans, set their objectives and monitoring system.

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Family business

We identify the characteristics of family businesses, their myths and clichés, their advantages, problems and solutions for their continuity over time and across family generations.

We will look at family business models, aspects such as succession, governance and communication, as well as management practices.

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Financial management

Financial management is one of the Achilles’ heels of SMEs and many entrepreneurs. Proper financial management, in which nothing is overlooked and each and every one of the expenses and income of the business is taken into account, is fundamental, both for its growth and for its subsistence.

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Training and conferences

Since 1995 I have been teaching in the areas of business policy and strategic management at ESESA, as well as giving seminars and lectures at other business schools and public and private institutions.

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Based on an exhaustive analysis of the business model, as well as the viability of the business model, we help entrepreneurs and small businesses to draw up a presentation letter of the real project, with real data to negotiate with potential investors.

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¿Necesitas un consultor para tu empresa o para tu proyecto? Explícanos qué necesitas, analizaremos tu casa y nos pondremos manos a la obra.

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